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 Something Deep

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PostSubject: Something Deep   Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:32 am #1

somethin's deep
deep in your body
it's my bullet goin' in ya
and here comes another just for acting so gawdy.
And after I'm done
I'ma throw you in a ditch
I'll teach you to cross me, you dirty little bitch
Have your friends come at me
I don't care
I'll end 'em, one by one
Leave their corpses hangin' in the air
And don't ya waste your breath praying
God won't care
So in the next life, watch your damn self
'cause this is what you get
for showing too much flair.

This was a commentary on the political divide that plagues the nation at it's most critical moment and how we must rise up and unite in order to overcome the adversity that such division bestows on us.

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Something Deep

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