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 Something not so deep, and kinda old.

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Commander Shepard

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PostSubject: Something not so deep, and kinda old.   Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:48 am #1

But I figured I'd toss it up anyways. Meh. And for future reference, This is 2 poems.

Queen of Power

I noticed the mellow murmur of the room go stagnant
As you walked through the crowd.
The people parted as you walked past.
(As if you were Queen)
I noticed the stares of those allegiant
Centered slightly below you, at your feet.
(As if you were Queen)
You saw me, and like two animals aspectant,
I saw you were elite.
(But where does this put me?)

You can have power over your subjects,
When your power’s born of royal decree.
You can have power over your peasants,
For they will never be free.
You can have power of your friends,
But how can you have power over me?

Like a blanket of black, this despair shrouds me in darkness.
When shall I see the light?
When shall I break from my plight?
Not ever.
I can only wallow in self-pity, playing the part of the Martyr.
But ‘tis only a disguise. I’ll always be the broken fool.
There is a difference between deserving, and Karma.
I, however, am a slave to both, yet none.
Yet here I am, contradictory, I exist.
Yet here I am, in my mind’s eye, I am sane.
Yet again, here I am, shadowing myself in doubt, over and over again.
I allow myself respite from myself in the darkness.
Ironically, I am with only myself in the dark, and none can save me from the vast emptiness of my mind,
Or the hate that I rain down upon my consciousness and my unconsciousness.
So while I face strife in the splendorous state that I unleash upon myself,
Remember me, for I fear nothing but the day I come to my senses.


Oh well. If anyone needs me I'll be outside in the chocolate puddles with a giant squiggle straw. BROHOOF!!!
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Bill Dauterive

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PostSubject: Re: Something not so deep, and kinda old.   Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:52 pm #2

These are well done. Good job :D
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Something not so deep, and kinda old.

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