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 The story of Rane

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PostSubject: The story of Rane   Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:22 pm #1

If you know what Kingdom hearts is, you will understand this...also, I screwed around with the Kingdom hearts story line a little bit.

Night slash was a former human who went by the name of Rane Hardy; he was a warrior who protects those of Darkness. He held two things very close to him: His Hearts and His control over Darkness. When the day came, he met a young boy...the young boy claimed that nobody should care about their heart and darkness as much as he did, he tried to destroy the boy, but Sora defeated he was plunged into the darkness of his own heart...He had such great passion for Darkness and his heart, he somehow managed to carry half of his heart into the next world with him: The world of the Heartless. He was now the only heartless known as: Nightslash.

He then travelled to many worlds, searching for Sora and his friends, to destroy him properly; he met up with Sora's friend Riku, in a world known as Hollow Bastion. Riku had control over the Heartless, except for Nightslash...they spoke for weeks awaiting Sora...and then...Riku said he was coming. Riku's leader, Maleficent filled Nightslash with the power of more darkness and evil. So, he went to confront Sora. The battle was fierce, but once again, Sora defeated, as his body faded into the darkness once more. He was lost in the darkness again...but again, he managed something incredible and rare...he held onto his heart still, but this time a change occurred. Now his Heart split into two pieces, one floated away to become a nobody known as Twilights Obliteration. The other quarter of his hearts floated away and became another Heartless that resembled Nightslash. After crawling through Darkness for hours, he saw Sora and knew he had to get revenge. Sora then, became a heartless, after his body was restored he left. Nightslash awaited his return because he knew he didn't seal the keyhole.

When Sora returned, he opened the keyhole door, then some of his friends approached to talk to him...It was Nightslash’s moment, he crawled into the door of darkness and absorbed the darkness and the keyholes appearance. Nightslash then became Final Bastion. From there on, he repeatedly approached and fought Sora, they couldn't destroy each other though.
However, one day after losing Sora while following him in Castle Oblivion, it couldn’t find him again, so it began capturing more hearts, to gain more power and darkness- It saw Sora one year later in front of a mansion.

Twilights Obliteration, was the Nobody that Nightslash had spawned into a new world, it appeared in the place Nightslash was destroyed, Hollow Bastion. It wandered about the world for hours, until it saw it’s counterpart: Final Bastion. It’s “other half” was battling Sora, it fought radically, however, in the end, it was defeated by Sora, again. So, it sought out Sora for itself, to avenge it’s misfit brethren. Instead, it saw somebody who resembled Sora, it was his Nobody…the same way it was Final Bastions Nobody. It realized then, that it had to destroy Sora’s counterpart, and then Final Bastion could maybe finally defeat Sora and their existences would be justified.

So, Twilights Obliteration attacked the newly born Nobody, but before it got to Roxas, a stronger Nobody appeared and defended Roxas, it was Xemnas.
Afterwards, on many of his missions, Twilights Obliteration attacked Roxas, but they never managed to destroy each other.
After a many reunions with Roxas, the Nobody decided it was time to finish him for once and for all. So, he battled a long-lasting battle based on pure strength. When the Nobody had the upper-hand, or so it thought, it was harmed badly…so it fled and absorbed hundreds of hearts and healed itself.

One day, it saw Roxas enter an old mansion…He never exited, instead that Sora boy had come out…he then realized they had merged and become whole again…he attacked before it realized it’s mistake…they were both extremely powerful on their own, when they merged they once again became the True Keyblade Wielder, A warrior of extreme power, however, when it seemed doomed to destruction, Final Bastion re-appeared and helped fight Sora…however, even thought it was two against one, they were both defeated…however, not destroyed…they knew what they had to do…they too, would become one again and they would become stronger, as the two merged, they felt the Power, Defence and overall darkness of the Heartless mix with the Agility, Stamina and overall darkness of the Nobody’s…and together they became Darkness Exile.

Darkness Exile was then formed, it suck out Sora, who was again whole with Roxas.
When it found them, they had an epic battle…however…as always, Darkness Exile was defeated…Not destroyed but defeated. Sora and Darkness Exile would forever meet each other on many occasions, neither could destroy the other.

If you want to see what these Heartless/Nobody looked like, look in the Traditional section in Visual, they will be labeled there.
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PostSubject: Re: The story of Rane   Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:33 pm #2

Awesome job. It was really vivid. Nice POV as well.


Oh well. If anyone needs me I'll be outside in the chocolate puddles with a giant squiggle straw. BROHOOF!!!
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PostSubject: Re: The story of Rane   Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:53 pm #3

yea thanks for posting this, i wish i had the chance to fight this guy. :)


afro Life sucks... and that is why games rule.
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PostSubject: Re: The story of Rane    #4

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The story of Rane

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