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 The Endless Sky (OOC)

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The surface of Halcyon is gone. Destroyed by years of war and experiments gone wrong. The ground and water poisoned beyond saving, the forests soon began dying as did much of the wildlife. The surviving people took to the sky in great, self-contained islands called Cradles. These uncontaminated pieces of the surface were ripped up and floated above the clouds through the work of a powerful magically fueled artifact called the World Shaper.

These new lands changed over the years to reflect the people who populated them when the World Shaper threw them to the sky. The only constant that remained between all the new islands was that they never forgot the sacrifice made by the wizards who found and powered the ancient World Shaper.

Over the decades and centuries, the people of Halcyon adapted to their new sky bound homes. They built sky-faring ships to travel between each continental island and the new, artificial islands crafted by the artificers. For even so high above the ground, magic-users could still draw upon the world’s mana. After the first several decades, all but the most studious of scholars forgot about the surface far below.

The Skyships became a symbol of freedom to some people of the Halcyon Islands. Because of this, many formed merchant and ferry crews, while others became Freefarers. The Freefarers were those who would not be tied to the ground. They became mercenaries, looking for any kind of work to keep their pockets full. Those who grew bored with that became ruthless pirate crews.

All this became a part of life for Halcyon. However, all did not remain so simple. The two largest islands (the Continental Landmasses) developed a great tension. One, Daath, grew almost obsessed with augmenting the natural form with artifice, replacing flesh with metal and adding mechanical augmentations. The other, Kaelonda, became more interested in protecting others and the pursuit of magical advancement alongside technology.

Daath and Kaelonda maintained a tense peace for decades. However, in recent years that peace has deteriorated. Kaelonda has accused Daath of attacking it’s merchant ships, with Daath becoming greatly offended at such accusations. Acts of war have not been made, but they have been threatened. Such an action could change the fate of all the people of Halcyon. The only people who do not pay attention are the Freefarers and the pirates.

Our story begins on one such ship.

The Freefarer Skyship Golden Heart is a 300 foot ship of incredible design. She operates at full capacity with a crew of 50, many of whom tend to the complex engine. Staterooms and officer's quarters are conjoined around the mast room on the main deck level, near the stern. Two decks in the forecastle split the complement of able-bodied sailors between them, and double as additional storage space for ship's goods.

The two sails jutting from either side of the ship provide the primary way for the Golden Heart to steer. The sails turn into airfoils at higher speeds and warp to allow steering. Its power plant, the core of which is a massive crystal that transforms mana into fuel, creates the levitation field. Two rudders are fitted into the stern, flanking the exhaust manifold and conforming to the curve of the hull.

A "storm shield" created by the ship's engine and generated by the ship's magically powered lights offers some protection from the elements on the ship's deck, but at higher speeds this area is no place to be. Under most circumstances its sails are deployed in windship fashion, assisting in the forward momentum.

Believe it or not, this ship is instrumental in the turning of Halcyon’s fate. Let me tell you the story, friends…

Golden Heart:

Rules and Such

I have final say on all issues. Period.
No godmodding, meta-gaming, etc, you’ve all heard this one before.
Max of two characters per player.
Keep everything fair and balanced. However, as GM I reserve the right and ability to present you all with unbalanced situations.
Use your brain and try to think your way out of seemingly “impossible” scenarios.
Above all, keep everything nice and civil, and enjoy yourselves!

Also keep in mind that this setting is meant to be a mix of steam punk and fantasy when coming up with your arsenal of gear.

Character Sheets
Race: (More than just humans inhabit Halcyon. Go nuts. Within reason, please)
Position on Golden Heart:
Personality: (Not required as I’d rather see it unfold in the story, but you are free to put it here if you prefer to)
Brief History: (Be sure to include how you came to be on the Golden Heart. We can’t all be members of the original crew)

Captain - Myrdred Tawl:
Master of Artifice/Chief Engineer - Elim Stavros:
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The Endless Sky (OOC)

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