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 The Forum Store!!! [Beta]

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The Forum Store!!! [Beta] Empty
PostSubject: The Forum Store!!! [Beta]   The Forum Store!!! [Beta] EmptyFri Mar 23, 2012 2:02 am #1

We are now introducing the official forum shop for all members to use!! How does it work? Rather simple really, for participating in the forums you gain points which we call EXP, these points accumulate from making threads, replying to posts and even for just being here everyday! normally, those points would sit there, unused and piling up, but now you have fun and exciting ways to use those EXP points!! The system I have put in place works like so, keep your eye on something in the store you really like, eventually when you have enough EXP points, just PM me of any other friendly neighborhood Admin and we'll give you your desired product and deduct the cost from your EXP total. Considering how this store is in Beta mode, some prices are liable to change and items may be added or changed! Luckily the management will be keeping receipts of every purchase in order to refund any upsetting things such as broken pet images. However, things such as purchasing your own store, changing your name and adding effects to your name will not be refunded, sorry! Anyways, lets get on to the goods!

Change username - 2000 EXP (change your username to anything still respecting the rules [note: this can only be purchase every 30 days and please no silly prank names]
Open a Personal Shop - 5000 EXP (an option for designers, allow them to have their own shop to sell their services [sigs, avatars, etc.] in exchange for EXP [note: if a member purchases then admins must subtract EXP from the customer and add the same amount of EXP to the designer] [extra note: a designer may make pets for the customer, and the pet shall be exclusive only to the customer, just remember to give the direct link to us so we may add it to the pets database])
Colored Name - 3000 EXP (the color the buyer wants MUST NOT be the same color as that of Administrators or Moderators of any sort)
Custom Title - 2000 EXP (give yourself a custom title, such as how mine is "Supreme Headmaster")


Evolve - 1000 EXP and have all blocks of a stat tier (this is for Pokemon pets, Digimon pets and others that make sense like evolving Luna into Nightmare Moon or so and so)
Pet Training [tiers are ranks of the stat blocks, the way to tell a tier is by seeing a drastic change in appearance, from big blocks to thin blocks to changing colors or changing shape]:

  • tier 1 stats - 500 EXP each stat block
  • tier 2 stats - 1000 EXP each stat block
  • tier 3 stats - 2000 EXP each stat block
  • tier 4 stats - 4000 EXP each stat block
  • tier 5 stats - 6000 EXP each stat block
  • tier 6 stats - 8000 EXP each stat block

The Forum Store!!! [Beta] Celestiaflanksig
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The Forum Store!!! [Beta]

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